Reader: Why Go Out for Burgers When You Can Make the Best at Home?

Choosing the Best Burger in Denver always involves an orgy of eating as we try out new spots and return to old favorites, all in our quest to find the perfectly cooked patty. A good bun and great toppings help, too, and this year our Best Burger was the beefy Ditka burger at Jimmy's Urban Bar & Grill — where, by the way, it's not only happy hour all day on Tuesday, but you can get a fresh-ground burger and beer-battered fries for just $6 all day, advises owner Jimmy Bernat.

And one of our runners-up, the pastrami burger, will be back on the special board at Spruce Tap House Friday, April 3, Nick advises: "Get 'em while they last." You can read many more suggestions from readers here. And then there's this from Jane:

Why would you go out for burgers? Any decent cook knows you can make the very best burgers at home, where you're in control.

Do you make burgers at home? If so, do you go out for burgers, too? Why — and where?

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