Reader: Why go to corporate "pubs" when there are plenty of real ones in this town?

The Thirsty Lion Gastropub & Grill opens today at One Union Station -- no, not inside the renovated train station, but in the new building next door, just off the 16th Street Mall. Unlike the locally-owned restaurants going into Union Station, the Thirsty Lion is out of Oregon. The original spot opened in Portland in 2006 as a British pub/soccer bar; the concept has since morphed into more of a gastropub, with more of a focus on food and beer. The Denver location, the fifth for the group, will pour 52 beers, thirty of which are local. See also: First look at the Thirsty Lion, opening near Union Station

But will that be enough to win over locals? Says John:

Why go to fake, manufactured, corporate "pubs" when there are plenty of real, honest, decent ones in this town? Seriously...does everyone miss Bennigan's THAT much, or do they just have no taste?

What do you think of the Thirsty Lion concept? What do you think about the other restaurants that will be opening in and around Union Station?

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