Reader: Wild Catch should be renamed Wild Hunt...or is that Wild Ride?

Wild Catch reopened last night -- several weeks after partner/chef Justin Brunson walked out and most of the staff followed him -- with Mandi and Tony Clement rolling out a meaty menu that's a major departure from the sustainable seafood focused on in the original lineup. Many regulars caught the changes, and didn't appreciate them.

Writes cmack23:

I like how they are trying to focus on affordable but the starting prices on entrees are $16- and for apps 10-. Everybody knows we can go to any place and have a chicken entree for 15-16 but a boars sausage for $16- not thanks I can go to the grocers and buy a six pack for 1/3 the cost. Ruined a fantastic concept focusing on great fish to a game place...need to change the name to wild hunt maybe.

Then there's this from McLovinIt:

Absolutely right on the money. And by money, I mean flushing it down the drain. No disrespect to Tony or Mandi, but how is anything described here fall under the Wild Catch moniker? Boar, Elk, and Pheasant? You should have called it Hasenfeffer and put TVs on the wall where you can play Big Game Hunter 3D and covered the floors in sawdust. Behind the bar you could hang a sign that says, "No Boots, No Spurs...No Service." People could drink beers out of those boot glasses, take shots out of bull horns and eat their dinners off metal pans with their hands.

Wait...maybe I should open that....

Did you go to Wild Catch on its second first night? If so, what did you think?

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