Reader: Wing King Challenge? At least you can finish a marathon

Kyle Garratt recently headed to the West End Tavern in Boulder, where he took on the Wing King Challenge: fifty wings in thirty minutes. Man V. Food host Adam Richman gave it a try last year, and repeats of that show keep sending a lot of delusional eaters to the West End.

Richman didn't manage to down all the wings, and neither did Garratt -- although at least 57 people have succeeded. But Jon S saluted the try:

Nice effort, and you aren't the first to fail. I tried the challenge last year for my birthday and only made it to 38. I'm completely with you on the gag reflex after 20 minutes. It's amazing how those fantastic West End Tavern wings can taste like the worst thing on earth after the first couple dozen.

I thought about trying it again for my birthday this year. Instead I figured I'd do something easier and ran my first marathon. Unlike the Wing King, I actually finished the marathon.

But Kyle Garratt isn't ready to give up the eating marathon yet. If you know of a challenge he should try, post it below.

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