Reader: With Chloe now open, Melo can return to Denver

Denver is going very Euro.


, with its 550-seat, meatball-rolling restaurant that will provide sustenance for all those furniture shoppers, officially opens Wednesday. And last Friday,

Chloe Mezze Lounge

made its long-awaited debut -- and in both concept and crowd, the hipper-than-hip Chloe could not have been more unlike the previous occupant of this address, the staid Ruth's Chris Steak House.

The report from Lori Midson, who was there to meet Chloe, inspired this from Mantonat:

'Melo, it's OK - you can come back to Denver now!

Mike Knight was stuck on Midson's reference to the dress-code "memo" she'd missed:

What is a memo?Is that like an antique email or one of those things that predates fax machines?

And Jim Rome had this take:

Good times must be here again. $275 Bottles of Level *Plus Tax and 20% Gratuity. Which makes a $23.95 bottle of vodka about $340. I don't think Denver can import enough D Bags from Dallas quick enough to fill Suite 200, Chloe and 24K.

Is Chloe the concept that Denver has been waiting for? And who are the "D Bags from Dallas"? Post your thoughts below, or join the conversation already started here:

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