Fig, bacon and arugula pizza at Hops & Pie.
Fig, bacon and arugula pizza at Hops & Pie.
Mark Manger

Reader: With Denver's Dry Climate, No Quality Pizza Can Be Produced Here

What kind of pizza is your favorite? New York-style? Chicago-style? New Haven-style? Denver has them all, along with many commendable versions of the traditional Neapolitan. Yesterday Mark Antonation ticked off ten different kinds of pizza you can find in metro Denver, including those that defy categorization, like the pies at Hops & Pie. With a list that extensive, you'd think there would be something for everyone. But you'd be wrong.

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Says Troy:

I do not think ANY quality pizza can be produced with Denver water in this dry climate. Period. End.

But is that the end? While the owner of Rosenberg's Bagels and Delicatessen is currently tinkering with Denver's water to create the perfect pizza dough, there are plenty of places in town serving up respectable pies (and readers list many of them here). What do you consider the best pizza in Denver?

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