Reader: With technological changes, it takes time to adapt

Yes, Cafe Society rolled out a new commenting platform late last week, and readers have not hesitated to dish out their opinions. Some of the problems have been fixed: Most of the lost comments are now back on the posts (let us know of any still missing), and the number of comments on a post again appear at the top.

Other quibbles were incorrect: You can still log in just through your e-mail address -- and you can post anonymously. For those who want greater involvement, though, livefyre should allow it.

Our thanks for your patience as we work out the glitches. And comments like this one give us hope.

Says Denver Dave:

I think I'm going to be OK with it. There have been a few glitches so far but that's to be expected. I like some of the new features. Not sure what it cost but it doesn't seem to be a radical improvement. Time will tell - just like all changes in technology, it takes a little time for users to adapt.

Feel free to post your thoughts on the new system below. And, as always, thanks for your comments. We'll cross our fingers that they show up!

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