Reader: Women aren't afraid of fruit in beer

If a woman says she doesn't like beer, maybe she's drinking the wrong beer. That's what Laura Shunk suggests in "Ten beers for women that aren't Animée," where she offers a variety of palate-pleasing brews, none of them Corona Light or Animée, the new beer aimed at women that Molson Coors is introducing in the United Kingdom.

Shunk's post inspired this reply from Mantonat:

My wife feels the same as you about beer: she hated it until she tried some Belgians, imperial stouts, and a few other strong ales. She's currently a big fan of the Strange Brewing Cherry Bomb.

The only difference between the way men and women enjoy beer is that women are not generally afraid to admit that they like something with fruit or other unusual ingredients. It's somehow manlier to admit liking a weak, flavorless industrial beer than to admit liking an 8%abv beer because it happens to have cherries in it.

Is a fondness for fruit the big difference between female beer drinkers and manly ones? Post your thoughts below, or just add to the beery conversation already started here:

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