Reader: Worst Thing Dunkin' Donuts Did? Open a Store in Denver!

Yesterday Dunkin' Donuts launched its version of the fading fad-tastic cronut, simply named the Croissant Donut. With the chain making a big comeback in Denver -- over a half-dozen stores have opened in the metro area over the past year, with more to come -- there are plenty of spots where you can grab one of these $2.49 goodies. But is it a goodie? Where will it land the next time Jenn Wohletz compiles a list of the best and worst Dunkin' Donuts inventions? See also: Five Best and Worst Things Dunkin' Donuts Has Ever Made Dunkin' Donuts has its fans -- but Daniel is definitely not one of them. As he says:

#1 worst thing they made was a store in Denver.

What do you think of Dunkin' Donuts? Where do you go for your coffee? Your doughnuts? Did DD live up to last year's hype when stores started opening here?

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