Reader: Yelp's Recommendation of Kitchen Table Cafe Was Legit

Yelp released its second annual list of the Top 100 Places to Eat in the U.S. last month, compiling user data of the most popular and well-reviewed eateries of 2014. And according to Yelp users, the one place in all of Colorado worthy of national attention is the Kitchen Table Cafe. No, not The Kitchen, in any of its variations in metro Denver; or Tables, the popular Park Hill eatery that expanded last year: Kitchen Table Cafe. Dave Kilroy opened his cozy lunch and dinner eatery in late 2013 in City Park West, and quickly made enough fans to land at number 37 on the Yelp list. See also: Kitchen Table the Only Place in Colorado on Yelp's Top 100 Places to Eat for 2015

That had some readers pouring out sour grapes. Says Jesse:

There are plenty of good restaurants in Denver itself. F*ck Yelp and their untrustworthy reviewers....which is composed of mostly their own employees.

Responds Melissa:

Actually, the owner didn't this time around. He is a single owner (mostly doing everything himself) with no marketing funds just making good food. You should check it out.

Jon did, and here's his report:

Just went there this past weekend for the first time after laughing about the line to wait to get a bagel at Rosenberg's. It was legit. They could certainly use a little more space, though.

Read more about what the Yelp recognition meant to Kitchen Table Cafe's owner here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.