Word of Mouth

Reader: Yes for More Filipino Food for Denver in 2016!

This week Mark Antonation found evidence that USA Today's prediction that Filipino food will be big this year is already coming true in Denver, with dishes flavored by the Philippines showing up at numerous restaurants, and a couple of Filipino spots opening, too. That's good news for some readers. Says Bret:
After spending 6+ years in Asia and a lot of time in the Philippines I got to try a lot of great food — and on that list of foods that make my taste buds and tummy happy are Adobo, Sinigang, Chicken Bistek, Sizzling Pork Sisig. So YES, more Filipino for Denver for 2016 would make me a very happy man......
Adds Mary:
Great article! So happy to find good Filipino food in Colorado.
But then there's this from Thomas:
 Eddie Huang called it years ago on his YouTube show Fresh Off The Boat... Westword, like all Colorado fads, are behind the times. Thanks for stealing another Asian man's credit.
Have you tried Filipino food in Denver? What other trends to you see for the Denver dining scene this year?
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