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Reader: You Just Ruined Those Secret Brunch Spots, Westword!

Despite all the warnings of another snowmageddon hitting the Front Range, most residents of Denver should have no trouble getting out and about in what added up to six or so inches of snow — and if they holed up yesterday in anticipation of the storm, they'll be hungry to leave the house for brunch. Luckily, we just served up Eight Low-Key Brunch Spots Where You Won't Have to Wait. To which Nate says:
Until people read this...
And Don says this:
 Aaaaaand you just ruined! Thank you, Westword!
But readers came up with more options. Suggests Kerri:
Sputnik on Broadway is also great! They have vegetarian options, and I've never had to wait to be seated for brunch.
Adds Evan:  
Punch Bowl Social is a great stop with no waiting and a DJ every Sunday. Who is, in fact, me. No bias.
But then there's this from Thanatos:
There's a great spot on South Broadway called Just a Brunch of Assholes.
Will you be going out for brunch today? Where? Don't forget, Denver Deep Dish is offering two-for-one deals during brunch this month...

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