Reader: You know exactly what to expect at an Irish bar -- which is why I pretty much hate them

Recognize this spot? You won't soon. This is the former Rockstar Bar, which the owners of Katie Mullen's will soon turn into an Irish pub -- adding to the 55 restaurants/bars/coffeehouses already in the LoHi neighborhood.

And the news brought another round of responses in the Highland/hipster debate. See also: - Katie Mullen's crew takes over former Rockstar bar - Reader: Closing of Carbone's is a consequence of hipsters invading Denver - LoHi goes from 22 bars and restaurants to 55 -- in just six years

But Mantonat had another take:

Didn't someone once say something about Irish bars being great because no matter where you are in the world, you can find an Irish bar and know exactly what to expect? It's for that exact reason that I pretty much hate Irish bars. The best Irish bars are the ones that try to just blend with the neighborhood and offer something comfortable with good food. Dougherty's on Ellsworth and Broadway comes to mind (although it's been a while, so hopefully they haven't blown it). It doesn't scream "Irish!" the way those giant theme-park bars downtown do. If you are listening, Katie Mullen, follow that lead. But please skip the Irish nachos.

What do you think the Katie Mullen's crew should do with the Rockstar location? Ban hipsters? Provide parking? Post your comments below.

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