Reader: You Must Not Have Taste Buds If You Think Casa Bonita's Food Is Okay

Casa Bonita is a local landmark that celebrated its fortieth birthday this year. It's a quasi-Mexican village inside a suburban strip mall, and if you grew up in Denver, you definitely celebrated one (or more) of your own birthdays here. To mark the start of the restaurant's fifth decade, we sent Casa Bonita lover Bree Davies and videographer Andrew Bateman to capture the weird world that is Casa Bonita. See also: A Hidden-Camera Peek Into the Treasures of Casa Bonita

But some readers do not appreciate Casa Bonita's charms. Says Steve:

You must not have any taste buds that enjoy real Mexican food if you think that their food is okay. You go there for atmosphere, not comida delicioso. It's so-called "Mexican food" for white people and little kids who have not tried or don't like real Mexican food. As a Mexican food lover who happens to be a honky, I wouldn't even call their food "food."

Yes, I have been there recently. It's still the same as it was in 1973, when I first went as a nine-year-old kid. The sopapillas are truly the best part of the whole Casa Bonita "food" experience. Denver has so many better Mexican food places.

When were you last at Casa Bonita? Why did you go -- and would you go back?

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