Reader: You Snooze, you lose

It's patio weather this week, a rare winter opportunity to play hooky and the enjoy the sunshine while you're eating at one of Snooze's three metro locations (particularly the original Snooze, if you don't mind watching the action at the Bumuda Triangle).

Unless you're S_lh, of course, who posted this assessment of the second Snooze in response to Laura Shunk's shout-out to Snooze's heated patio:

Who cares about Snooze, anyway? All you are doing is feeding into the must-wait-over-two-hours for snooty Snooze breakfast just to say you did it to feel cool. Snooze's lines suck. When they opened their second location in our neighborhood, we thought maybe perhaps we could get to try them before 8 a.m. without a two-hour wait. Nope. Every time we drive by there's yet another line of stupid people waiting in line longer than they would just to go and buy ingredients to make their own breakfast or eat a piece of toast and donate the rest. Until they begin to take reservations, I will continue to drive by yelling "f-you Snooze." Who cares about the patio when you can't even get in!

There must be some swell neighborhood parties around the 700 block of Colorado Boulevard...

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