Beignets at Four Friends Kitchen.EXPAND
Beignets at Four Friends Kitchen.
Danielle Lirette

Reader: Your Brunch List Is Amazing, But There's One Glaring Omission

How sweet it is! Yesterday Lauren Monitz served up the Seven Best Sweet Brunch Dishes in Denver — some of the Mile High City's top sugar highs. But for sugar lovers, there's always room for more. Says Jessica:

This list is amazing but I am afraid it has a glaring omission: the beignets at Four Friends Kitchen! They come out warm, and the berry preserves and vanilla custard sauce they come with are amazing! I have been to this restaurant several times and heard multiple tables raving about it. I have never been and not ordered them! Yum!!!!

When Gretchen Kurtz reviewed Four Friends Kitchen last month, she thought the place was a real find. Her favorite dish was not the beignets, but the huevos rancheros — which shows that whether you like your brunch sweet or savory, Four Friends Kitchen is worth a try.

What's your favorite brunch spot in town? Your favorite brunch dish?

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