Reader: Your Federal series is the best foodie thing ever

In A Federal Case, Mark Antonation has been eating his way up Federal Boulevard, stopping at every non-chain joint he can find. Last week, he made it to Hong Kong Barbecue -- an excellent consolation prize for his disappointing stop at Pho 555 the week before. See also: - Hong Kong Barbecue: Finding comfort in unfamiliar flavors - Variety's not the space at Pho 555 - Pho 96 keeps it warm and simple

Says Dan:

I've read Westword's food stuff since my mom introduced it to me decades ago, and I've been around the block regarding ethnic food, unique cuisine, out of the way/hole in the wall places...

Your theme of going up (or down, I'm not sure which) Federal Boulevard to report on each spot is brilliant, and the articles are well-written, informative and fun.

I just think it's the best foodie kind of thing I've ever read. And I'm jealous of you getting to take in the flavor of all those great little spots! Well done.

Have you been reading A Federal Case? What's your favorite spot on that strip?

For more, visit our full A Federal Case archive.

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