Reader: Your Tour Sounds Like a Gumbo Stumbo

Paul Prudhomme, the king of Cajun and Creole cooking, passed away right before National Gumbo Day. In his honor, we served up five places with great gumbo in Denver, where you could raise a spoon to one of the first celebrity chefs. Readers agreed with our picks of Bayou Bob's, Gumbo's and Asian Cajun, but disagreed with Lucile's and Jezebel's. And then they dished up their own favorites for gumbo: Nono's, Park House and Red Roux, which serves downhome gumbo at the Garden at Park Hill at 3435 Albion Street every Thursday and Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Which means you can get yourself some gumbo there today! (Find out more on Red Roux's Facebook page.)

Still, some readers think that you have to go to Louisiana for the real thing. Says one gumbo lover:

If you go on a gumbo tour of these restaurants, it would it be a gumbo stumbo.

And then there's this from Joshua:

Paul Prudhomme has hands-down the best gumbo recipes in the world. No competition.

Where do you go for gumbo? Will you try Red Roux?

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