Reader: Yuppies want the homeless to leave so they can go to brunch in Ballpark neighborhood

Denver's dining scene is exploding, with hot restaurant neighborhoods all over town. But there's none hotter than the Ballpark neighborhood, which we named Best New Restaurant Neighborhood in the Best of Denver 2014. In addition to many impressive bars and restaurants in the area, Ballpark is also home to our Best New Restaurant, Lower48 Kitchen.

But the restaurant scene isn't the only thing that's hot in Ballpark. So are the tempers, particularly since Denver City Council approved a funding plan for a homeless day center. See also: The ten best neighborhoods in the Ballpark neighborhood

Says Jacob:

Those businesses chose to locate in Ballpark/RiNo because the rents were cheap and because it was edgy and on the fringe. Hipsters love street cred and to feel like trailblazers, so they seek out sketchy neighborhoods that they can gentrify.

Adds Theodore:

Ballpark resident here. I have nothing but contempt for my fellow yuppies who think the homeless need to leave just because they want to get brunch without being hit up for change.

What do you think of the Ballpark neighborhood? Of the plans for a homeless day center? Post your thoughts below -- and read hundreds more here.

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