Readers: A beer for women? Think Zima. Think Virginia Slims.

Readers have been pouring out the jokes since Molson Coors announced that it will release Animee, a beer geared towards female non-beer drinkers, in the UK.

From Claire:

The Virginia Slims of the beer biz.

From eCurmudgeon:

Otherwise known as Zima with a new label.

Molson Coors studied 30,000 in the UK, according to spokeswoman Kristy McCready. But UGH thinks they might have been the wrong women:

i cannot speak for UK women, but it seems to me that you polled stupid women. All the women I know drink beer. Yes, many of my friends drink crap beer - a la Coors Light. But many, such as myself, love beer and seek out good beer.

I find this whole thing insulting. On the other hand, my female in laws only drink cheap shit rose -- with ice in it. I guess this is geared to "those" kind of women.

Could Animee make it in America? Pour out your own thoughts below.

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