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Readers: All You Need in Denver — Tacos, Weed and Beer

We're all about tacos this week, telling stories of how the fried taco (with American cheese) might have been invented in Denver and why a family is moving from a truck to a brick-and-mortar restaurant; sharing our list of the ten best street tacos in town; even serving tacos at the Tacolandia portion of DISH this weekend. And we also offered up two essays on tacos by people very prominent in the restaurant business: former Westword critic Jason Sheehan and Jamey Fader, founder chef/co-owner of Lola Mexican Fish House. Are great tacos all you need for a great city? Says Douglas:
Tacos and a decent journalistic publication.
Says Glenn:
And weed. Weed and tacos. Beer. Don't forget the beer.
Then there's this from Paco:
Unimportant shit. Please write something real.
And while Sheehan's essay — on how tacos led him to becoming a food writer — had many readers hungry for his writing again, here's another response:
How reading westword turned into a nihilistic descent into madness.
Do you miss Jason Sheehan? Are good tacos any consolation? What are your favorite taco spots in town?
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