Readers: Beer and green chile smothered Den-Mex -- our claims to fame!

Chicago has deep-dish pizza. San Francisco has sourdough bread. What does Denver have? What are this city's must-have dishes? That's the question one reader posed yesterday. The answers? Beer, beer and more craft-beer. And green chile, of course.

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Says the Jeff:

I think the green chile smothered Den-Mex cuisine as defined by Gustavo Arellano in Tacos U.S.A. is our claim to fame. Denver's large percentage of Mexican-American families have created this cuisine over the past two or three generations and it has evolved as separate and unique from other Mexican-American foods. The green chile in Denver is unlike that of New Mexican cuisine, and while some in the comments to follow are sure to write it off as "slop," it's OUR slop, and I wouldn't be without it. When it's done well -- with fresh, piquant chiles, hearty chunks of braised pork shoulder, long-simmered stock that's been slightly thickened with roux, and very little else, it's a thing of beauty.

If the tourists want to think that Colorado cuisine is bull's balls and elk steaks, that's okay by me. More green chile for me!

How do you feel about green chile being Denver's trademark dish? Post your thoughts below. And read many more comments -- including DenverDave's assessment of the overall dining scene -- on the original post.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.