Readers: Best burgers list is incomplete without Cherry Cricket, Citygrille

In honor of Steak 'n Shake finally opening an outpost in metro Denver, Laura Shunk revisited her list of Denver's best hamburgers, and added a few more to come up with "Denver's ten best burgers."

And predictably, some critics pounded this list flatter than a patty at My Brother's Bar:

Says James:

This list is an absolute joke with out including Citygrille. Your words mean less than nothing to me.

Says Guest:

I know it's fashionable for self-proclaimed foodies to claim they hate everything in Cherry Creek these days. However, Cherry Cricket's Cricket Burgers are better than at least 5 of the burgers on the list.

But others appreciated the lineup, especially the inclusion of Highland Tap & Burger.

Writes courierservices:

After having attended Burger Battle and visited several of the participating restaurants, Highland Tap and Burger is #1. I was won over by their consistency in awesomeness and the good people that patronize their establishment. If your looking for a stellar beer and tasty burger, surrounded by handsome men and hot chics, Htb is what's happening. I look forward to trying a few on this list.

To weigh in on this latest burger battle, post a comment below or join in the conversation already under way here.

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