Word of Mouth

Readers: Developers Are Destroying What Made Neighborhood Special

Big changes are afoot in northwest Denver. After four decades in the Jefferson Park neighborhood, La Loma will be moving downtown — and its home perched high on West 26th Avenue reportedly replaced by a fifteen-story story with 713 units. And Dickinson Plaza, at West 32nd Avenue and Tejon Street, has been sold — it's going out of the Dickinson family for the first time in 115 years. The building will be razed and replaced by a five-story apartment complex; in the process, nine businesses will be displaced, including Laughing Latte, Mary Jane's Pizza, an outpost of the Juicing Tree and a Fat Jack's. Here's how Paula responds to the news:
Fast cash is all it's about for developers! Destroying the very fabric of the neighborhood that makes it special. Ugly five-story apartments will not make this area more appealing! With each home or commercial building scraped off, another piece of the soul of the neighborhood is lost and cannot be regained. So very sad...
What do you think about the changes in northwest Denver?
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