Readers dish on Cherry Creek North's disappointing dining scene

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The news that Argyll serves its last meal in its East Third Avenue location yesterday in anticipation of a move to Baker next year has dozens of commenters weighing in on Argyll and, more significantly, dissecting the current character of Cherry Creek:

Here's Kimberly's view:

I must say that when the Tattered Cover Bookstore left Cherry Creek North, the whole nature and character of the area left with it. This is another huge loss in a long line of huge losses for Cherry Creek North.

One more reason to head on over to the Baker neighborhood. Looking forward to seeing the Argyll in its new home.

And this from MS3131:

You have residents of Cherry Creek North opposing new restaurant and club development because the noise will keep them from sleeping with their windows open in the summer! The result a once vibrant district now with declining comercial property values in an economy that can least afford such nonsense and the city insanely denies liquor licenses to potential businesses who might locate in the area! Its like the person who moves next to the airport and then complains about the noise! Give me a break!

But BJN136 defended CCN, and dissed Argyll:

Who is Lori Midson and where does she get her information? Cherry Creek North is thriving, more than ever! My favorite part is "Before your eyes pop out of their sockets...". For most of us, our eyes remained intact and focused on the fact that Argyll's failure to succeed is due to their menu and prices...yes, even for CCN. Just as 'kvillegas' said, the location didn't fit its vibe.

I'm glad the drink of choice is the martini (as is mine) over the draft beer. You can keep your beer pubs in the hood. Cherry Creek North is an eclectic mix of people and some of us get it and love it as-is.

Which brought this response from hhmmmmm:

I don't remember anybody saying that Argyll wasn't succeeding. The way I read it they are getting the fuck out of CCN while the getting is good BEFORE they stop succeeding. Cherry Creek is dead. When the streets are empty 6 nights a week at 10pm, this really isn't a debatable point. Baker is hot and everybody know it; but maybe you've had a couple too many olive martinis to notice. Try a craft cocktail of rye whisky with fresh squeezed juices or with house made tonic in a progressive neighborhood sometime - they won't go to your head so quickly.

Cherry Creek Grill charges $12 for a veggie burger. I'm sorry, but that's expensive for pressed veggies. I had a $9 hamburger at Argyll one month ago. Unless they've gone through a radical change in the past 4 weeks, that seems about right for a hamburger and fries.....

Baker will eat these guys up and ask for seconds. I know, I live here and will eat at Argyll once a week and drink there two or three times a week now that they are closer. Watch how many restaurants turn over in the old Argyll space in the next 18 months. You'll see then how CCN is for dining.

What's the best restaurant left in Cherry Creek North? How do you see that neighborhood as a dining draw? Post your comments below, or join the conversation already going strong under the original post about Argyll's move.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.