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Reader: I Love Living Here, but the Pizza Is Terrible

Reader: I Love Living Here, but the Pizza Is Terrible
Crush Pizza + Tap/Facebook
The pizza scene has really evolved in Denver over the past decade — and Jason McGovern, who opened Denver Deep Dish in the back of Bar Car in 2012, then turned it into the standalone Crush Pizza + Tap, has documented most of the changes. In December 2018, he even embarked on a mission to eat pizza at least once a day for two months straight, as Molly Martin reports in "Denver's Pizza Scene Is Evolving, Fast."

While McGovern acknowledges that Denver has never been known for pizza, he sees potential for that to change. "I think it's becoming a pizza town," he says. "I'd like to see it become more of a pizza town." And he's helping do that, by opening another spot, Crush Wings + Tap (which also serves pizza) this month.

In their comments on the Westword Facebook post of Martin's story, many readers take issue with the quality of Colorado's pizza. But in response, others serve up their favorites. Says Keif: 
I love living here. The pizza is terrible.
Responds John W.: 
Hops & Pie, Basic Kneads, Joy Hill, Cart Driver. …We have lots of great places. You all just like to bitch.
Suggests Jack: 
White Pie, Blue Pan, Fat Sully's. There, I’ve completed your list.
Adds John R.: 
Only if you include Jimano's Pizzeria.
Offers Tyson: 
Pizzeria Lui! You're welcome.
Says Michael: 
Benny Blanco's is one of my favorites
Notes Benny: 
Walter’s is still king.
Comments Ellen:
 I can't believe you didn't include Piante Pizza, with one restaurant on South Broadway and the other in Breckenridge.
What are your favorite pizza spots in Denver? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected] 
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