Lamb charcuterie at Beast + Bottle.
Lamb charcuterie at Beast + Bottle.
Linnea Covington

Readers: Gluten-Free Obsessives Screw Over People With Real Food Allergies

After we posted our list of the ten best gluten-free menus in Denver, the responses came fast and furious — really furious. Apparently many readers would like to see a dining scene free of this gluten-free obsession. Says Samuel:

With the sole exception of those diagnosed with Celiac disease, gluten sensitivity is myth, unsubstantiated by the evidence. As far as I'm concerned, people who believe in gluten sensitivity or allergy can be categorized with anti-vaxxers, chemtrail conspiracy theorists, and climate change deniers.

Adds Cheryl: 

Someone told me they saw "gluten-free" water. I love the conversations I overhear at the grocery store between two morons who are "going gluten free" and asking questions like, "Is lettuce gluten free?"

Concludes Ann Marie: 

Screw this gluten-free shit. Just eat real food. Even Celiac sufferers know that anything a non-dedicated GF restaurant serves runs the risk of them being poisoned. It's the band-wagoners that screw things up for the people with a true allergy.

What do you think of the interest in gluten-free food?


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