Readers: Hamburger talk makes us hungry for Walk-In Burgers

Summer is hamburger season. (But then, what time of the year isn't the right time for hamburgers?) Green-chile cheeeseburgers at the

Steuben's truck

at Civic Center Eats. JCBs on the patio at

My Brother's Bar
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. A big burger for a growing boy in this

Guess where? post


But sadly, there's no sign yet of a new Walk-In Burgers.

News that a place named Nobu is going into the one-time home of Walk-In Burgers on Sheridan Boulevard brought out fans of the former occupant:

I miss Walk In Burger!!! Please open up a new restaurant somewhere! Best sweet potato fries and best Quinoa/Veggie burger!

Since closing I have tried Smash Burger, Five Guys, and a few local joints -- for the money nothing comes close to Walk In Burger. I sure hope they re-open at a new location.

Where will you be eating burgers this coming holiday weekend? Here's our list of "Denver's five best burgers" -- but since we posted it in early April, right after the Best of Denver 2011 came out, Tarbell's has closed, too. What should replace the Tarbell's burger on this list? Post your favorite spots below.

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