Inside the Denver Central Market.
Inside the Denver Central Market.
Danielle Lirette

Readers: Is Denver Central Market, Opening Today, Just an Artisan Food Court?

The long-awaited Denver Central Market officially opens today at 2669 Larimer Street, with eleven vendors purveying foodstuffs — from produce to fresh seafood to complete meals you can eat on site. You can grab drinks, too. Developer Ken Wolfe, who's lived in the RiNo neighborhood for years, partnered with restaurateur Jeff Osaka to create a place that will cater to the neighborhood, but the market has created buzz across the city. And some readers wonder if it will live up to the hype. Says Gilby:

C'mon, folks...It's a food court...

Adds David:

I can't wait to walk into the all-natural, organic artisan building to get some hand-crafted artisan goods, and feast on their artisan sandwiches and drink good, quality artisan juices from the best all natural organic artisan trees, and the go to the bathroom and use the best artisan toilet paper ever made, from fully sustainable bamboo paper that can be reused by highly talented artisans.

Can we start using new words now? Someone get a thesaurus.

But Inken gets back to basics:

Some parking tips would be useful.

Will you try the Denver Central Market? Where will you park?

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