Pon Pon in RiNo — or is that SoDoSoPa?
Pon Pon in RiNo — or is that SoDoSoPa?
Lindsey Bartlett

Readers: Is Pon Pon in RiNo — or SoDoSoPa?

New year, new bar. Pon Pon opened at the very end of 2015 at 2528 Walnut Street; Lindsey Barlett offered a first look at the combo bar/gallery late last week. The spot in RiNo (or is that Five Points, or Curtis Park? or SoDoSoPa?) is already attracting fans...and foes. Says Christy:

Part bar, part art gallery?! I'm in!

But then there's this from James:

When I hear/read stuff like this, it makes me glad South Park ripped on Denver!

Pon Pon is the stupidest name of a business I ever heard!...I will also never call Curtis Park "Rino." (Try not to be too trendy, Denver.)

Have you been to Pon Pon? Will you go? And what do you call this part of town? Ballpark? RiNo? Curtis Park? Five Points? SoDoSoPa?

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