Readers: Meatball concept proves what goes 'round comes 'round

Balls! Yesterday Lori Midson revealed that

Jensen Cummings

, the executive chef of

Row 14 Bistro & Wine Bar

, will be launching a new venture devoted to meatballs -- yes, meatballs -- with two partners, probably in the University of Denver area.

"I'm not leaving Row 14, but I am opening a new, fast-casual meatball joint this summer," Cummings told her. "We have the money, we have the people, but we want to be smart and patient, so we're not going to force the space or get too antsy -- but we know that this is the area where we'd like to open the first of many."

And with that, the comments quickly rolled in.

Says David:

This sounds incredible. And to think that I felt I was the only one who liked meatballs.. guess they are getting trendy now. First, fro-yo, second cupcakes, and finally meatballs! Please ditch the DU idea and open this up in LoHi.

Says 5280Man:

I feel like I have heard this all before on a stupid TV show called "America's Next Great Restaurant". His idea was a shop called Saucy Balls, that was fast casual selling, you got it...MEATBALLS! He didn't win and the judges including Bobby Flay and Chipotle founder Steve Ells didn't like it. Apparently these shops are opening on the East Coast and DC as we speak. Here comes the next food trend. I guess it fits in with the Scandinavian food trend going on these days.

And finally, from Anna:

I have never seen so many comments about meatballs in my life! Egads! I guess this guy is on to a good idea then :)

That's not even considering all the discussion of the gluten-free aspect of this enterprise. Read all the comments here, or get a new conversation rolling below.

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