Readers: More wings that really fly

The discussion of our Denver's five best wings list has really taken off, with readers pushing everything from Highland Tap and Burger to Moe's Original Bar-B-Que to Marco's Coal-Fired Pizzeria.

From Toddicus:

I've eaten wings at most of the places listed and still have yet to find wings as good as the Thunderbird lounge in Lowry off Quebec. Their Jack Daniels wings are fantastic. Spicy and VERY flavorful!

From Gratefulhead:

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Whoa - a best wings article and no mention of Luciano's Pizza & Wings on Broadway? Blasphemy! As a native Upstate New Yorker, Luciano's has the only wings that hang with the real stuff from back home.

From Nighteagletm:

Willy's Wings in Morrison is still the hands down winner for me! I don't need a fancy table or beer to enjoy my wings, just extra ranch & lots of napkins :)

And a request from AIZ:

Anybody have any recommendations for good boneless wings? I have yet to find ones as good as *cringe* Buffalo Wild Wings...

Have an answer for AIZ? Feel free to post it below, or on the list of best wing suggestions already started on the original post.

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