Readers: Seattle Times fumbles on its Boulder food picks

Doesn't look like Jason Sheehan taught Seattle much during his brief time in the Pacific Northwest. Because while the Seattle Times did score with a few suggestions on where football fans could eat in this new Pac-12 town -- the Kitchen, Flagstaff House, West End Tavern -- it also fumbled a couple of other recommendations.

Pasta Jay's, for example.

Says Nobo Bear:


Pasta Jay's is basically a slightly better Carrabba's. And with the Pacific Northwest being an area that's knowledgeable re: craft beers, sending those folks to Walnut is probably a bad idea (lousy ales IMO).

Adds Claire:

I would have understood if a Midwestern paper had recommended Pasta Jay's, because it is quite Midwestern-style Italian. But the Seattle Times? There's so much better Italian fare in Boulder --- Laudisio, Bacaro, Trattoria on Pearl, Radda for mid-priced food and Arugula and Frasca on the high end.

Too bad the Seattle Times missed Ralphie's, the Buffs-loving, potentially trademark-infringing spot that opened last week in Boulder.

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