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Reader: Any Place Westword Warns Against Is a Must-Try Restaurant

The Chubby's building has changed; the lines have not.
The Chubby's building has changed; the lines have not. Mark Antonation
The Denver dining scene is booming, and one commenter recently worried that with all the new places opening, classic Colorado spots might get overlooked. And what are those classic Colorado spots? Readers were quick to serve up their own lists, many of which include Chubby's and Casa Bonita...although people agree to disagree over whether they love or loathe those iconic spots. Other suggestions are less controversial. Says Christine:
Pete's Kitchen, Carl's Pizza, Wazee Supper Club, Bonne Brae Tavern, Bonne Brae Ice Cream, Jerusalem and Little India, to name a few...
Adds Patrick: 
Everyone ignores the suburbs, which is where most natives grew up. How about Front Room Pizza or Cafe Jordano out in Lakewood, both very longtime local favorites.
Advises Howard:
Everyone has to go to Casa Bonita at least once, whether you like it or not, it's the law. The Buckhorn Exchange, Elway's, Welton Street Cafe, Santiago's breakfast burritos, Sam's, The Blue Bonnet (not the best Mexican restaurant, but the most iconic), Bastien's, Pete's Greek, dim sum at any of the great dim sum restaurants around Federal and Alameda, New Saigon, Imperial Chinese, Racines, Breakfast King, Vesta, Columbine Steak House.
Mark dishes up some blasts from the past — Muddy's and Paris on the Platte — as well as a few still-open faves: 
Perkins, Denny's and Shakey's. I think that's about it. Everything else is newish trendy places just recently established and mostly serving out-of-state food. Most of these are Denver favorites because they were after-hours hangouts around Denver.
And then there's this from Reno: 
Any place Westword warns against is an absolute "must try"!
What are your favorite metro area restaurants? Watch for our list of the hundred Colorado classics we can't live without, coming later this week.
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