Readers: Serving up theories on the closures of Mirch Indian Grill and Walk-In Burgers

The news of a pair of surprise closures -- the two Mirch Indian Grill restaurants in the south suburbs and Walk-In Burgers in Edgewater-- has readers serving up their own theories. Here's how davebarnes summed up the problems at Walk-in Burger:

Reasons for closing: 1. Fishy smell from Sloan's Lake. 2. Random nut-job shootings in the city. 3. 9/11 4. Lousy food. 5. Lousy service. 6. The "locals just didn't support us". And, the winner: crappy business model/execution.

The discussion of Mirch, which served Indian street food, takes a side trip into the Best of Denver process, since Mirch was named the Best Indian Restaurant in the Best of Denver 2011.

Guest suggests that Mirch's closing was not because of a Best of Denver curse, but...

Probably because your "winners" are not actually even good. Most of everything Westword has voted as "best of" is because their staff likes it, not because it's actually good or the community likes it. Think about it, if the community actually liked these places, they wouldn't be closing.

Which inspired this comeback from Jon S:

Of course, the "community" in this case is Greenwood Village and Littleton. Perhaps Indian street food was just too advanced a concept for the clientele. If you chose the Best Of based on community support in those areas, then you'd have the Macaroni Grill and Applebee's sweeping the awards every year.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.