Readers: Sexy marks the spot on South Pearl Street...but what spot?

The action continues on South Pearl Street, where Sexy Pizza will be opening a second store in March -- although Kayvan Khalatbari, who opened the original Sexy Pizza in Capitol Hill four years ago, just signed the deal yesterday. "So we're a little busy at the moment," he told Laura Shunk.

So busy that he's not yet saying where this Sexy Pizza is going, although he does reveal that it's an existing restaurant space near Sushi Den, with a liquor license.

Let the guessing games begin?

The Ototo's address has been empty since that restaurant closed at the start of the year. The Pearl Street Grill closed, too, but that space is going to be transformed into a new home for Izakaya Den, and the current Izakaya will become a Wynkoop/Breckenridge concept.

Maybe Budapest Bistro, suggests one reader. Gaia? Or Kaos, the pizza joint already on that stretch of South Pearl? Neighbor says no to Kaos:

Probably not.

And I don't think they will be too thrilled to have another pizza place just a block down from where they are

Can South Pearl Street support two pizza joints? What does that area really need? And what restaurant is it losing? Post your thoughts below, or join the guessing game already under way here.

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