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Readers: Suburbs versus city, SouthGlenn versus Wash Park

The closing of Tarbell's and The Oven at the Streets at SouthGlenn continues to fuel a discussion of what kind of restaurants, exactly, will work in the suburbs, as opposed to the city.

Here's the take from b/art:

Wow. We actually would drive to the Oven from the Wash Park area...sad for the great team there and a loss to the area. It did become increasingly apparent that there were too many food venues (including the Whole Foods) for the population. While we did enjoy the pizza/salad and decent beer choices at the Oven, it won't be worth even the relatively short drive down University to go to a Macy's or area's dingiest Sears (ok, that is redundant). The whole area seems desperate...maybe there's an article that could explain the economic dynamics that entice so many eateries without regard to any other substantive venues nearby....

Meanwhile, back in Wash Park, the fight over the Brown Dog Pizza liquor-license application is getting even more heated. An except from Stephen Baker's most recent post:

The truth is that our neighborhood has a lot to gain by Brown Dog joining our restaurant options on Old South Gaylord... and if you've been on Old South Gaylord in the evenings recently, you may have noticed the available parking capacity. You may have also noticed a few of us regular Old South Gaylord patrons wanting something more, something new and creative for our food options... perhaps something with outdoor eating, dog friendly (if only in principal) and conscientious and considerate owners willing to compromise when and where appropriate and a staff dedicated to excellence in food and service delivery... as I have said before, we could do a lot (A LOT) worse than Brown Dog Pizza. Seriously, folks, maybe it's time we agree to support this very impressive small business venture and welcome Brown Dog into our great neighborhood?

I suspect in the long run we will all be very thankful to have them as part of our neighborhood. I encourage all Wash Park residents to please support the new small business - please welcome Brown Dog Pizza to Washington Park East.

City versus suburbs? More versus less? Local versus chain? Feel free to weigh in below.

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