Readers: Thanks for Thinking of Families...and Warning the Child-Free

As our holiday gift to parents who like an occasional night out with the kids, we just posted The Ten Best Places to Eat in Denver — With a Toddler. And parents definitely appreciated the suggested. Lindsey says, simply: 

Nice. Thanks for thinking of us.

Then there's this from Betsy:

And please dine only at these places.

 But wait, Betsy: Readers have many more suggestions of great places to take toddlers. Says Brian:

As a father of a four-year-old and eighteen-month-old, thank you for this list. One to add:

Ester's in Virginia Village. Great pizza for the kids, very welcoming to kids (they even have highchairs for the bar tops), and a great selection for the adults. My kids love it here, and they seem to love my kids (or they pretend very well).

Adds Stephen:

 Missed Carmines on Penn. What's more family-friendly than a free bowl of noodles for the kiddos, crayons on the tabletops, and butcher paper to draw on?

Adds Jen: 

Mezcal was awesome for Sunday brunch.

Adds Alexis: 

I'd add to this Swing Thai on Tennyson, Ernie's on 44th and Federal, Sunny's on 44th and Zuni, Tony P's on 32nd and Zuni, Sunnyside Burger Bar, Park Burger on 32nd and Clay...lots and lots in the Highlands and surrounding neighborhoods.

And finally, this from Cindy: 

Steuben's was always my kids fav...edamame, berries, cucumbers and great kid entree choices. And of course the milk flight! Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry

Any more suggestions for family-friendly restaurants?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.