Readers: The naked truth on Padma, Nigella, Nadia -- anyone but Mario Batali!

Inspired by the nakey pictures of Anthony Bourdain that have surfaced on the web, last week we served up the "Five celebrity chefs we'd love to see naked," starting with Rachel Ray and ending with...Mario Batali?

Why not? Batali had already exposed his thinking about the 1 percent that keeps him in business, so why not strip the rest of him bare?

But readers had other ideas of who they'd like to see served up on a platter -- without dressing:

From Jon S:

Does Padma count as a celebrity chef? If so she definitely needs to be #1 on this list. Rachael Ray maybe 10 years ago when she took the pic posted here, but nowadays no thanks. I have a hard time believing anyone wants to see Mario Batali naked, including Mario Batali.

From KSMeathead:

Come on! No Nadia Bitchin' G!

From Diamond Dave:

No Nigella Lawson??? WTF Westword! That hoity-toity Brit goddess licks her fingers EVERY show. Have you seen the holiday show where she talks about her "whole family loving her warm fudge" ??

Have a chef you'd like to see naked? Post the name here.

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