Word of Mouth

Readers: The PS Lounge Has a Special Place in My Heart

A snowy Denver day — the perfect time to find a bar stool where you can spend an hour....or ten. Last week we served up our list of the Ten Best Bars in Metro Denver, and one choice drew applause from many fans. Says Kristen:
The PS Lounge has the most special place in my heart; the day it goes out of business/gets overrun by hipsters/gets bought by investors is the day I vow to never return to Denver. Long live Pete, red headed sluts (the drink, not the person, but, hey, if you identify with that, you do what you do), wood paneling, authenticity, good jukebox, lack of irony, and garishly colored roses. PS Lounge 4 lyfe
Adds Aaron:
 PSL always feels like home.
Concludes Rachael: 
PS Lounge, front and center smile emoticon.
Is there a bar where you'll be hanging out today? The PS Lounge is located at 3416 East Colfax. It opens at 3 p.m. today and will stay open until 2 a.m....snow or no snow.

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