Readers: This fried chicken list doesn't fly!

The fat's in the fryer now! Our list of

"Denver's five best plates of fried chicken"

has some readers squawking. No

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? No

Welton Street Cafe

? No

Castle Cafe

? And no

Cora Faye's Cafe

? That omission inspired this from Sarcasumsus the Magnificent:

Amazing that this list does not include Cora Fayes's Soul Food Cafe and Catering on Colorado. Instead you include D-Bag's overpriced yuppie-stuffing? Shameful.

BSquared came to the defense of White Fence Farms, a favorite with a number of chefs around town, who make an annual pilgrimage there.

I like White Fence Farm, but then again I also like Popeyes, so take that for what its worth! Maybe because I grew up just down the street and always looked forward to when Dad came home with boxes of fried chicken from there, it was better then Jim Dandy which was the other option.

That being said, I agree that Steubens is my favorite fried chicken in town.

Readers also had a few more tips. Up in Boulder, where The Pinyon serves the Best Fried Chicken lauded in the Best of Denver 2011, Shug's Low Country Cuisine is now open, and frying up a great bird. And on Friday nights, the Brothers BBQ outpost on Sixth Avenue offers a fried-chicken special.

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