Readers: Tiny buns, greasy burgers, and repeating lists

While comments about the ubiquitous butternut squash soup keep appearing, like the dish itself, at the end of Laura Shunk's Groundhog Day list of The Five Most Overdone Menu Items , a few notes about the equally ubiquitous sliders were particularly tasty:

For example, Max says:

I want to open a restaurant called tiny buns. No more "sliders" just tiny buns. Just as ubiquitous as the slider, but a way more catchy name.

Or this from ScubaSteve:

I don't even know why restaurants call those little burgers "sliders." In the military, a hamburger was called a slider because the burger patty on the grill actually slid. The beef patties used in the military have a lot of fat in them and when you have about 3 dozen beef patties cooking on the grill, the fat accumulates on the grill and the patties slide around when you flip them or take them off of the grill. So I really don't know why those burgers are called sliders. Restaurants will call any small sandwich a slider. I don't get it.

But the last word -- for now -- goes to bgreen:

Have we not seen this list before?

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