Readers: Whining over wine advice

Last week, Kendra Anderson poured out the "Five things every man needs to know about wine," and offdisc, for one, didn't appreciate the advice:

OMG -- first you start off all condescending towards men and their reluctance to admit out loud that they drink wine, then you proceed to give such terrible advice that any man who follows it should turn in his "knowledgeable man" card (but he can keep his 'douchebag' card, because that's what you've made him!).

Where to begin: OK, yes, many men do not give a crap about wine -- these men being the ones who enjoy blogs about beers, bars & sports. Give the author some credit about knowing his audience. The metrosexuals (is that even a term anymore, or have they all fallen into the 'douchebag' category by now) who like drinking wine with their 'ladies' are NOT hanging otu in sports bars, downing a beer while their eyeliner leaks down their cheeks.

Meanwhile, jjanes76 came uncorked over another Swirl Girl column, "Three reasons why Colorado wines still suck (and three winemakers who are getting it right)."


"Have you ever gotten the impression that Colorado wines kinda suck? If you're really, really honest with yourself, you probably answered yes -- and you're not the only person who feels that way..."

If anybody has been really following Colorado wines they know that they having been winning golds at very high level tastings all over the US (and I think internationally, too). Yes, like any other region, there are some not great wines but Colorado has been really shining in the industry.

And of course part of the reason we hear so much about the Infinite Monkey Theorem, Balistreri Vineyard and Bookcliffs is because they are based in the Denver/Boulder/Front Range area. It's a lot easier to be "known" when you are based in a population of over a million people instead of out the in Grand Junction/Palisade/Western Slope area.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.