Readers: Would you drive to East Colfax for a burger you could make at home?

It was bun while it lasted. But yesterday, Deluxe Burger closed its doors, just a month after the Little Orange Rocket also parked itself permanently. Co-owner Dylan Moore says he wants to focus his efforts on Deluxe and Delite, his side-by-side establishments on Broadway; Jill Warner and Eric Roorda, his partners in the burger joint who own the building in the 5300 block of East Colfax that housed Deluxe Burger and is headquarters for their Mod Livin', plan to find a new restaurant tenant for that space.

The closing did not come as a surprise to aceranchero:

I was in Mod Livin' Friday afternoon--not a single customer in the restaurant.

For that matter, the streets were devoid of pedestrians, shoppers, foot traffic. Good luck with that turf, Marzyck's. (You would have been very welcome in Ballpark or Highlands.)

Then again, here's the view from eastcolfaxhoofer:

C'mon, who is he [Moore] kidding? The writing was on the wall when Marczyk's started building out their new store 2 blocks away. Nobody in the neighborhood is going to buy an expensive restaurant burger when they can make a better one at home. And the market for driving to an expensive restaurant burger is limited. Toss in the fact that his backdoor neighbors always treated him like shit, and the incentive to try to keep it going is zero. Wrong concept in the wrong neighborhood. But kudos to him for not reminding us of his shitty neighbors.

Those "shitty neighbors," BTW, are not the folks behind Marzcyk's II, which opened a week ago and just held a grand opening bash on Saturday, but the whiners who were concerned when the Little Orange Rocket would park in the alley outside Deluxe Burger -- an alley that Roorda and Warner own.

Ultimately, it seems like the partners -- who have more fish to fry than burgers -- were just fed up with all the hassles.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.