My Brother's Bar has no sign — and doesn't need one.
My Brother's Bar has no sign — and doesn't need one.

Readers: You Have to Go to My Brother's Bar — a Classic Saloon and Denver Institution

The news came down this week: My Brother's Bar, a watering hole opened by Jim Karagas and his late brother, Angelo, 47 years ago — in a space that's been a saloon since 1873 — has been sold. But unlike so many places in Denver that have been wiped off the map and replaced with big retail/apartment complexes, My Brother's is not only staying put, but it's staying in the family. Or close enough: The new owners are the Newman family, including Paula, who's been working at My Brother's for 32 years, and son Danny, who's been going to Brother's since he was four.

Fans of the bar are applauding the switch. Says Stephen:

That's awesome, and such a refreshing change from what has generally been the sell-it-and-tear-it-down-to-build-overpriced-condos that has been the norm in Denver recently. I have a lot of fond memories (quasi-memories, anyway) of late nights at Brother's Bar, and I'm happy to have a chance at more of them.

Adds Trevor: 

Classic bar, nothing else like it! Thank you, Jim, for your greetings over the years. My Brother's Bar will always be a great icebreaker to introduce anyone new to downtown Denver.

Concludes Aaron:

If you haven't been, you have to go. Denver institution.

But don't go today: My Brother's has always been closed on Sundays.

Still, if you've been to My Brother's Bar, you have a story to tell. What's your favorite memory? And what other iconic bars in Denver should be saved for now...and the future?

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