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Really big love: This couple loved eating more than sex

Neil and Jennie Bakewell -- a very aptly named British couple -- had eaten so well that they couldn't sleep together, let alone get nude with each other. Before they called a halt to their very conspicuous consumption, their combined weight was an unbelievable 924 pounds, according to this story in the Sun.

This put a considerable crimp in their romance -- the two hadn't been able to enjoy connubial bliss for five years, and even without any action, six beds had busted under them.

But that changed when the Bakewells applied to England's National Health Services for gastric bypass surgery; both were accepted and had the surgery within six months. Neil was in such bad health that he couldn't walk more than a few yards without panting, and his doctor had told him that he had, at most, five years to live. The two had tried to diet, signing up for weight-loss clinics and even hiring a personal chef and trainer, but none of those tactics worked.

The surgery did. Their loss has also been their gain, with a resurrected love life now that Neil is down to 322 pounds and Jennie a svelte 196.

Talk about big love!

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