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Really big love with the world's fattest woman

Sasquatch is a mythical creature who lurks in the shadows and is rarely seen by humans. All we get are a bunch of plaster casts and maybe some hair samples. Well, we now know how they breed, as the mother of all the creatures has been found: in the swamps of New Jersey.

Donna Simpson loves her man and he loves her girth. She is currently at 600 pounds -- yes, you read that right -- and for all that is holy, she wants to get bigger. She wants to be the world's fattest woman.

I didn't know that was even possible after my ex-girlfriend.

Simpson has a website that shows her devouring everything in front of her -- and that adds up to 12,000 calories a day, or a $750 a week habit. She says that her favorite food is sushi and that makes sense, since she is as big as a beached whale.

Yes, it's tough to digest this, and there's more: Donna was over 400 pounds while she was preggers and it took a team of thirty medics to move her newborn daughter out of the womb and into the world which her mom has eaten to excess. But Donna doesn't care that she has a child; in fact, she appears to regret it since, she says, "running after my daughter keeps my weight down."

It seems that Simpson's whole life is the center of a donut -- and it better be frosted with a triple cream cheese topping with sprinkles.

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