Red Robin: Helping kids one patty at a time

The Denver-based burger chain, Red Robin, is sponsoring its annual Kids Cook-off event, a shout-out to aspiring young burger junkies who want to submit their burger creation ideas to Red Robin for a chance at the grand prize -- the title of "Fan Favorite" from online voters, an award of recognition and a $100 gift card to Toys "R" Us.

To support the young chefs, Red Robin is featuring the ten finalists on its website, for fans to vote for their favorite kid-invented gourmet burger. The website is also broadcasting the actual competition, hosted right here in Denver, live on December 3. The winning plate will be sold at all Red Robin stores next summer and the proceeds go to benefit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Some of the entries are pretty creative. One young lady submitted a half-pound sirloin burger with provolone cheese and deep-fried dill pickles, while another contender went with Parmesan garlic butter, hot sauce and bacon. Colorado even has a potential victor: "Randi" hails from the town of Rifle and put forth a chili-lime chicken roll.

It's encouraging to know our youth aren't adverse to putting deep-fried dill pickles and popcorn on a burger.

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