Regulars raise a glass to Racines on its thirtieth anniversary

As quickly as restaurants come and go these days, it's not often we see a place with the staying power of Racines, which celebrated its thirtieth anniversary last month. In honor of the occasion, we asked a few regulars to share some of their favorite memories. Their toasts follow:

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"When I take people there for breakfast or lunch, the people I host are always amazed at the number of people in the restaurant that are key community leaders. I often say: 'Look over at that table, there's a state senator, or former governor. Over at that table is the president of the Chamber of Commerce, or a state association. And over at another table is the head of an advocacy group in town trying to pass a bill.' ... Racines is like Denver's version of the famous Cheers bar in Boston - when you go there, everybody knows your name!" - Tim Jackson, President/CEO, Colorado Automobile Dealers Association

"I'm a Denver native, so Racine's has been a family spot for birthdays, graduations and holidays since it was at its old location. As an adult I love it because it's an old-school establishment; I actually get waited on by a staff who is congenial and good at their jobs. There's an atmosphere, too, something I think a lot of fast-casual replacements are missing. It feels like a restaurant I want to be in, and it has always been a place where I feel like all are welcome. Before it was hip, Racine's was the LGBTQ place to go. The food is like upscale diner food and I love that you can go to get a nice cup of coffee before work or after an evening movie." -- Bree Davies, Westword arts and culture writer

"I have been eating at Racines since I moved to Denver in 1993. On many mornings I get to see Lee Goodfriend walking her dog on Seventh Avenue while I am jogging, then I see her shortly after at the restaurant. It is comforting, with all the great changes in Denver, that some things stay the same. Racines may be in a relatively new building, but the tradition, consistency and great food of Goodfriends, Dixons and Racines are alive on Sherman Street." - Josh Hanfling, partner, Sewald Hanfling Public Affairs

"For 23 years Racines has been my breakfast-for-business place! The location is convenient, the service is great and the Molly breakfast is consistently good!! I have laughed and cried at Racines! Congratulations, Lee and David!" - Molly Broeren, owner, Molly's of Denver

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