Renegade Brewing will can two more of its beers

Renegade Brewing, which scored a hit with its Ryeteous Rye IPA in sixteen-ounce cans, plans to package two more beers in January: the 11 percent ABV Elevation Triple IPA and the 5:00 Afternoon Ale, a 5 percent ABV blond session-style beer.

The Elevation will be sold in twelve-ounce cans, while 5:00 will be canned in a sixteen-ounce package. Both will be canned by Longmont-based Mobile Canning LLC, which owns a portable canning machine that it rents to small breweries.

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It's not easy for a small brewery like Renegade to squeeze its beers onto liquor-store shelves in an increasingly crowded craft-beer market, but Renegade has so far been successful, says brewery co-owner Brian O'Connell.

"It takes some work, but really, the liquor stores have been very receptive to us," he says. "They are small businesses like us, and they get that."

Renegade distributes in 65 to 70 stores in Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs and plans to stay with that coverage area for the time being. "We're done spreading our reach for now," O'Connell explains.

As for the beers, they went with Elevation because it has been so well received by customers. "There was a question as to whether we wanted to put another IPA on the market even though this one is vastly different from Ryeteous," O'Connell says. "Ultimately, we decided that the beer is so well-loved and has such a following that it made sense."

He chose the much lighter 5:00, on the other hand, "to show that we can do a lighter style that is still full-flavored and handcrafted."



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